Dainty Daisy Lollipops
Hard Nectar

Dainty Daisy Lollipops

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Our Daisy confection is an absolute unique floral with a spicy edge. Introducing an infusion of Bergamot and Mandarin Blossom. A sweet fresh pleasure to you palette. Bergamot adds a sunny, sweet aroma with notes of tartness and acidity with its unique floral, spicy edge it distinguishes itself from other citrus fruits. The Mandarin blossom is incredibly fragrant and provides a delicate intensity suggesting the experience of a fresh peeled mandarin landing on your tongue. It’s flavor provides honey, rosewater and satsuma notes to compliment the rich mandarin on the the palate. Comes in a pack of 5pcs.


Due to handcrafted nature of this product no two items are the same. Ingredients: granulated pure cane sugar, light corn syrup, natural flavors, Organic edible Feverfew flower and 24K edible Gold details.

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