Breath Again Vapor Rub
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Breath Again Vapor Rub

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Honestly...this chest rub is amazing. The aroma of real essential oils such as camphor and eucalyptus are mild yet powerful. It revitalizes your airways to open up and relax without breathing in harsh synthetics. Most chest rubs on the commercial market are full of toxic chemicals like turpentine and petroleum, and synthetic fragrances to enhance a fake scent.  

Breathe Again Chest and Vapor Rub is an all natural salve to rub on chest and feet (yes feet, especially the little kids) when cold and flu symptoms start to appear. The essential oils helps relieve stuffy noses and cough. The castor and arnica help to relax achy muscles in the chest region.  

This balm has a mild scent, but works amazingly well due to the pure essential oils and herb infusions.  

For kids under 2 years of age or younger, rub on the bottom of their feet. The scent can irritate their mucus membranes causing further irritation and inflammation. Please consult your doctor for more information.

Do not:
ingest, put on nostrils, on wounds or damaged skin, with tight bandages.

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